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Discover the many incredible classes we offer at Capitol City Circus School, along with price points and what you can expect from a lesson.



Fly through the air with the greatest of ease! Learn to jump from the platform, swing on the bar, and land safely in the net. Instructors will guide you through a curriculum of tricks, including opportunities to be caught by a catcher. Beginners are encouraged and will start with a brief introduction on the ground before getting in the air.

Price: $70 per class



Silks, also known as aerial fabric, are two long pieces of soft fabric that hang from a single point. Students will learn climbs, positions, inversions, and drops tailored to their individual skill and fitness level. Students will gain strength and confidence as they learn to safely and beautifully manipulate the fabric to move into a variety of poses.


Price: $42 per class



The static trapeze is a stationary bar used for a variety of seated, standing, balancing, and hanging poses, as well as transitions between these skills.


Students build strength and flexibility with each session through fun and challenging movements on, around, and under the bar.

Price: $42 per class



Experience the joy of bouncing on our above-ground trampoline with a rebounding bed! Improve body awareness and train a range of skills, from beginner positions to advanced somersaults and twisting skills. 

For flying trapeze students, trampoline skills promote smoother flying and landings and are required for certain levels of the flying trapeze progression.

Price: $42-$70 per class



For those looking to explore an exciting activity with feet firmly on the ground, juggling is for you! 

Beginners will learn basic juggling techniques including body position, throwing height and timing, and how to use props. More experienced jugglers will receive feedback on patterns, learn new tricks, practice club passing, and hone performance skills.

Price: $15 per class



Aerial sling, also known as hammock, involves a loop of aerial fabric suspended in the air. This class combines sitting and standing skills in the loop with wraps and drops in the fabric.


New to aerial arts? Sling is a great starting point for beginner aerialists looking to build a foundation!


Price: $42 class



Lyra, also called aerial hoop or cerceaux, is a metal circle suspended in the air. Students will gain confidence, strength, and awareness, as they learn to hang, spin, and maneuver into beautiful poses and transitions. 

Price: $42 per class



Spanish Web involves a vertical rope with a loop towards the top.  Students will learn climbs and descents on the rope, as well as skills and transitions performed while hanging from the loop and spinning.  

Price: $42 per class



Partner Acrobatics is the art of two or more people creating acrobatic shapes together. Partners lift each other and balance together to create exciting poses while building body awareness and strength.  


Price: $42/class



Aerial rope (corde lisse) is an aerial act that involves acrobatics on a vertically hanging rope. Students will learn climbs, wraps, inversions, and drops while building strength, awareness, and endurance.

 Although our instructors can work with students of any experience level, it is advisable to build a foundation on silks or sling before trying rope classes.  


Price: $42 per class



Aerial straps involves two long thin pieces of cotton or nylon web, often with loops at the bottom, suspended from a single point. Students will learn inversions, spins, positions, and transitions through sequential drills.

 Although our instructors can work with students of any experience level, it is advisable to build a foundation on silks or sling before trying straps classes.  

Price: $42 per class



Handstand classes include drills to learn and improve handstands at all levels - no prior ability to do a handstand is required! Newer practitioners will gain confidence supporting themselves upside-down and experienced hand balancers will learn new skills and hone their technique. Handstands are an excellent complement to any aerial training.


Price: $34 per class

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